<a href="http://noshcafeedmonton.com/nosh-cafe/"><b>Nosh Cafe</b></a><p>Welcome to Nosh! We are a casual, friendly cafe/bistro offering a</p> <a href="http://noshcafeedmonton.com/menu/"><b>Menu</b></a><p>Our menu is wide and there are variety for everyone. Vegetarian,</p> <a href="http://noshcafeedmonton.com/catering-and-take-out/"><b>Catering and Take Out</b></a><p>FOOD IS PREPARED FROM SCRATCH  – EVERY TIME</p>
Nosh Cafe Edmonton

We are a casual, friendly cafe/bistro offering a funky alternative to the franchise experience. Find the newest gem in the west end & 124th street! We'd love to see you.

Catering & Take-Out

We offer catering & Take-Out services - our food and service is best in town and our reviews on Yelp and Urban Spoon is the proof!

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We are located in downtown at 124th street and 102 ave - find the newest gem in town - and enjoy the authentic Indian food you have been craving for!


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10:00 AM - 09:30 PM

10:00 AM - 09:30 PM

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